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Discover now our new Solid Lines Product Range where we have paid special attention to both appearance and technical design, to ensure the optimal operation and performance of the refrigerated display cabinets. The result is this varied catalogue of especially innovative products that are both modern and elegant. [...]


At Frost-trol we have the clear objective of being transparent and honest with our clients, and of being able to ensure them that our furniture complies with legal requirements related to food safety. For this reason, we decided that it was fundamental to participate in the rigorous Eurovent Certification Program almost since it began in the year 2000, given that through the Eurovent Certita Certification authority there is evaluation, analysis, comparison and certification of the information related to the energy performance of the refrigerated display cabinet, provided on the one hand by the participants and on the other by the results of the independent laboratories that test said refrigerated display cabinet.



Our efforts are focused on searching the most sustainable solutions based on the use of eco-friendly natural refrigerants.[...]


We offer the market the best commercial refrigeration solutions, allowing to optimize the energy efficiency of our products.[...]


Throughout the production process of our refrigerated display cabinets, we pay special attention in the selection of each materials and components used, following the strictest quality criteria.[...]


In this way, at Frost-trol we join other important European manufacturers with the aim of providing accurate information, certified by third parties that can be compared in equal conditions.[...]


Successful participation of Frost-trol EXPO ANTAD 2018

For the fifth consecutive time, Frost-trol has participated in the international fair Expo ANTAD, which was celebrated from the 6th to 8th March in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.[...]


Solid Lines is the name of our new and improved product range. It includes a vast number of models of every type possible within the commercial refrigeration sector.[...]

New Total Tactile Control (TTC)

In our new Solid Lines product range, we launch a new touchable and fully integrated control called TTC as a new customisation option (Total Tactile Control) [...]

Firm commitment of Frost-trol by the R290

From Frost-trol we focus our latest technological studies in the research for the use of propane in our plug-in cabinets range, being this decision such an excellent and ecofriendly solution.[...]