Sustainability & efficiency

R&D&I and sustainability are both the fundamental basis of Frost-Trol’s philosophy. Thus, one of the main objectives throughout our intense history has been to obtain cleaner, more ecological or, in other words, more sustainable and environment-friendly refrigeration systems.

Frost-Trol’ several milestones over the past twelve years in the field of research and development have given an essential boost to sustainable and efficient solutions.

2000: It was a crucial year, as we became a member in the demanding Eurovent Refrigerated Display Cabinet Certification Programme, in which only a select group of technologically advanced companies of our sector participate. That was also the year when we developed the patent of our refrigeration NCA-System thanks to our professional team’s investigation work, a heat recovery system which mitigates the cold effect in the corridors of retail stores.

2001: The company gets the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate as the crowning achievement of our strong commitment and clear bet on technological development.

2005: We started investigation on CO2 refrigeration. This is also the year when we applied for the improvement patent of our NCA-System.

2006: Internationalization combined with technology allowed us to enter the British Energy Efficiency Certification Programme, ECA-UK.

2011: We incorporated the so-called frostCO2 line in our product range, a new line exclusively designed for the use of CO2 as a refrigerant


2005 was a milestone in Frost-Trol’s environmental policy through intense research with the use of CO2 as a refrigerant, a natural fluid with low environmental impact which helps minimize the effects of global warming. This year became a key turning point in the new technological orientation of our cabinets

These surveys gave rise to the installation of the first frostCO2 technology supermarket in 2008. Two years later, in 2010, our frostCO2 technology was implemented in more than thirty retail stores.  (DOWNLOAD CATALOG FROSTCO2).

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