Who are we?

For 60 years, Frost-Trol has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and trade of high quality refrigerated cabinets intended for the sale of perishable food products. Throughout our company’s history and thanks to decades of enriching experience, we have grown in technology, product quality and presence in many countries.

We provide our customers with top quality commercial refrigeration solutions that result in a wide range of cabinets, perfectly and constantly adapted to market demands, to our customers’ needs and to the characteristics of the various types of retail stores. Our range is divided into two major distinct groups: remote cases (Supermarket line) and plug-in cases (Plug-In line).

With regards to the relationships with our customers, we always seek to take a step further by offering all possibilities of advice and customization while nourishing ourselves from our customers’ expectations to orientate our innovation new product lines. All in all, a clear bet on technology and research determines our vision for the future with our unique aim of achieving more advanced and efficient refrigerated cases.

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