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At Frost-Trol we have the clear objective of being transparent and honest with our customers, and assure them that our furniture complies with the requirements legally demanded in terms of food safety. Therefore we consider it essential to certify our furniture in external and independent laboratories, they evaluate, analyse and contrast information on the energy performance of furniture provided by us and on the other, obtained in The results of these independent laboratories in which the furniture is tested. Thus, in Frost-trol We pursue the maximum of providing truthful information, certified by third parties so that the client opts for the option that most suits to their needs.


It is also essential to remark that the independent certification pushes us to continue working constantly in the improvement of the energy efficiency of our furniture to reach the best possible levels of energetic energy in the current market, Reducing as much as possible the energy consumption of cold furnishings, which can lead to 60% of the electrical bill of a supermarket.