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At Frost-trol we have the clear objective of being transparent and honest with our clients, and of being able to ensure them that our cabinets complies with legal requirements related to food safety. For this reason, we decided that it was fundamental to participate in the rigorous Eurovent Certification Program almost since it began in the year 2000, given that through the Eurovent Certita Certification authority there is evaluation, analysis, comparison and certification of the information related to the energy performance of the refrigerated display cabinet, provided on the one hand by the participants and on the other by the results of the independent laboratories that test said refrigerated display cabinet.

In this way, at Frost-trol we join other important European manufacturers with the aim of providing accurate information, certified by third parties that can be compared in equal conditions so that the client can select the option that best adapts to their requirements.

Furthermore, it is fundamental to highlight that participation in this program encourages us to continue working constantly to improve the energy performance of our refrigerated display cabinet in order to achieve the highest efficiency levels possible on the current market, reducing the energy consumption of the refrigerated display cabinet as much as possible, which may imply up to 60% of the electricity bill of a supermarket.