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This Tuesday 28th was held at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid the refrigeration Congress organized by the Association of cold companies and their technologies under the title: Sector key to the value chain, which Frost-Trol has been a sponsor.

The objective of this Congress was to put refrigeration as a fundamental axis for the vast majority of production processes without which, the society we know today would not be possible.

Refrigeration is a key sector for society in general, only in Spain the sector has had a growth of 7% to 15% in the last three years, agglutinating more than 22,000 direct jobs, with employability rates of 100%. A sector that has also made possible the development and growth of other sectors, being a necessary link in various industries and contributing to the generation of an added value that represents approximately 40% of GDP in Spain.

On this premise has developed the day in which sustainability, FGas regulation, Industry 4.0 and adaptation to the new customer model have been the protagonists.

From AEFYT they pursue to support the growth and the professionalization of the market, improving the competitiveness of their clients, promoting the business relations between their partners and defending the common interests.