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R&D and sustainability are both the fundamental basis of Frost-Trol’s philosophy. Thus, one of the main objectives throughout our intense history has been to obtain cleaner, more ecological or, in other words, more sustainable and environment-friendly refrigeration systems. Nowadays Frost-trol is working on the improvement in the use of new natural refrigerants with a low environmental impact, which will permit minimize the effects of global warming. Frost-trol is focused in the use of propane (R290) in the plug-in cabinets and CO2 (R744) in remote cases, as both are excellent eco-friendly solutions. 

Frost-trol is focused on working constantly to seek the best refrigeration solutions in order to optimize the cabinets’ energy performance to obtain as a result a final operational costs reduction of the stores and hypermarkets. To obtain this energy performance, Frost-trol has worked the internal and external design, in addition to incorporate all the necessary components to achieve the higher energy consumption savings. 


Invisible quality

Frost-trol takes special attention on the materials and components chosen for the production process, following the most stringent quality standards, enable us to offer the market high quality products that guarantee maximum food safety, durability and solidity which are widely-known in the retail market.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is one of Frost-Trol’s main objectives as we aspire to manufacture better products, to provide better service and to keep innovating. We pursue a growth model based on research and development, which has resulted in investing on latest technological advancements. We are fully aware that the key to achieve such improvements is a better knowledge of our customers and of their needs in order to keep providing them with a high quality customized service. We innovate and improve every day for our customers and our future.

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