At Frost-trol we are aware of our role as agents of change within society, mainly within the sectors in which we operate; the fact that we are present globally gives us a great responsibility towards people.

We are proud to reinforce our commitment to the planet, people and life by achieving ambitious environmental targets each year.

Frost-trol takes another step forward in its commitment to the environment with the certification of the Environmental Management System, based on the UNE-EN ISO 14001 Standard at the new production plant in Cabanes.

SIFU Group

We collaborate with Grupo SIFU, providing job integration opportunities to people with disabilities, so that they can form a life project that allows them to be autonomous and feel socially integrated.

From Frost-trol, we are proud to work together to develop professionally within our production process of commercial refrigeration cabinets.

Don't say disability. Say ability.

Políticas de Igualdad y Conciliación

Human Resources is carrying out a series of measures framed within the company's Equality Plan and focused on achieving real parity between men and women, focusing efforts on equal opportunities and promotion, using inclusive and egalitarian language and messages, developing specific training and awareness campaigns.

On the other hand, the objective is to improve family balance for all members of our team by providing parents with flexible working hours to help them better manage the care of dependents.