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The Solid Lines islands are launched in the market with a revamped appearance that is more modern and contemporary. Intended especially for the sale of frozen foods, our islands will attract the attention of the end customer, thanks to the perfect visibility of the products on display, with the predominance of large panoramic panes of FullVision glass and the introduction of transparent elements around the perimeter. In this family, a lot of effort has gone into improving the ergonomic design, reducing the height of the cabinet slightly, while maintaining the same capacity (400 mm). Likewise, the closed island versions have completely integrated push-type doors which, among their many advantages, make it possible to reduce the energy consumption of the cabinet, thus improving the image of the business selecting them in terms of sustainability. We have kept our wide variety of remote models, which range from simple wall-sited islands (Greenwell), to simple islands (Airy, Byrd and Easton) and double islands (Milton and Upsala). The island family is completed by models in which the condensing unit has been specially designed for special promotions: the Baikal, Lomond and both versions of the Ontario cabinets.