360° Solutions

Research and development together with sustainability are two of the fundamental pillars on which Frost-trol's philosophy is based. Thus, one of the main objectives throughout our long history has been to achieve cleaner and greener refrigeration systems, and therefore, more sustainable and environmentally friendly. At Frost-trol we are currently working on improving the application of new natural refrigerants with a low environmental impact, which will minimize the effects of global warming. The use of propane (R290) for plug-in cabinets and the C02 (R744) for remote cabinets are our strongest bets at the moment.

On the other hand, one of Frost-trol's fundamental objectives is the constant search for the best refrigeration solutions to optimize the energy efficiency of our products, which subsequently translates into a final reduction in the operating costs of stores and supermarkets. To achieve this energy efficiency, we work especially on the external and internal design of the cabinet, in addition to incorporating the necessary components to achieve a greater reduction in energy consumption.