Energy Efficiency Class

Temperature Class 3M2

The energy class information (Ecodesign 2019/2024 and Ecolabelling 2019/2018) presented here refers to the best available energy class for this model. Any configuration other than the one presented on the website may significantly change the energy class information.
For more details, see the European Product Database for Energy Labeling (EPREL) or contact our sales department.

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Standard Equipment

  • Ventilated refrigeration system
  • Mechanical fans
  • Electronic control
  • Lower assembly in RAL 7015 color
  • Standard HFC evaporator
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Natural evaporator defrosting
  • Pre-lacquered inner tank kit and galvanized inner components
  • Double Frame sliding rear door

General features of all Baffin models. Consult specific standard equipment for each model.

Options and Accessories

Interior finishes:

Pre-lacquered white or Inox Aisi-304 tank

Galvanized or stainless steel Aisi-304 interior components

Aspiration, trays and fairing painted or Inox Aisi-304

External finishes:

Painted in Inox Aisi-304 Scotch

Gable ends:

Exteriors always V1 all-vision or mirror (supermirror)

Intermediate always V2 all-vision or mirror (supermirror)


Integrated LED top (4000K, 3000K or 076)

Integrated LED front (4000K, 3000K or 076)

Integrated LED shelves (4000K, 3000K or 076)

Integrated LED uprights (4000K, 3000K or 076)


HFC, CO2 or Glycol (Available painted in epoxy with special anti-corrosion protection)

Valves: Electronic or thermostatic

Fans: Electronic or mechanical

Defrost: Natural, electric or hot gas

Front glass defrosting: Ventilated with or without heating elements.

Front closure: With fixed thermocouple or Full Vision hinged doors

Stainless steel bumper

Shelves: Painted, Aisi-304 stainless steel or glass.

Price holder: On hinged shelf (black, gray RAL 7039 and white)

40mm visible acrylic plexiglas shelf product stopper

General features of all Baffin models. Consult specific options and accessories for each model.




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